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Gather Groups

Small groups are a key aspect of our church community. If you can't find an open group, please let us know!
North Fort Collins Gather Group
Gather Group (Second Beta)
Sarah, Brecke, Layne's Gather Group
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Seasonal Classes

Our church hosts a number of classes that meet on site. Come join us as we learn and grow together! Some classes also provide childcare ---be sure to check the class details.
Becoming A Sage: Why and How
Post #MeToo - Being Better Allies for Women: A Conversation Group for Men
2 groups

Justice Ministries

Foothills Justice Ministries are the heartbeat of our church community. Ranging from local to international, our ministries aim to make an impact on our community.
Faith Family Hospitality
Sanctuary Volunteer Crew
Foothills Climate Justice Ministry
5 groups

Committees and Ministry Teams

Performance essential governance and ministry functions within the congregation. Generally, Committees and Task Forces do work on behalf of the Board of Trustees, and Ministry Teams are a part of the staff and operations. The Board, the Nominating Committee and the Endowment Committee are all elected by the congregation.
Personnel Ministry Team
Stewardship Team
Endowment Committee
5 groups

Service Teams

Groups that hear the call of courageous love and work to unleash it within our community through acts of service.
Foothills Garden
Sunday Hospitality Team
8 groups

Spiritual Practices

Communities of practice that meet regularity to deepen together their engagement in a specific spiritual practice.
Meditation and Mindfulness Group
Earth Based Path
Saturday Morning Yoga
4 groups

Ongoing Gatherings

Foothills has many ongoing opportunities to gather and connect with our community. Some affinity based others open to all.
Social Senior Potluck
Slightly Senior Sisterhood
Comfort Shawl Ministry
6 groups

Sisterhood Small Groups

Monthly small group of women 50 or better who gather for community, and intentional spiritual deepening.
Sisterhood Group Waitlist
1 group


Get connected to other new folks here at Foothills.
New-ish First Sunday Lunch Gathering
1 group